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Md. Tarikul Islam

Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Islamic University

Contact info:

- Address: hatirpul

- Details:

- Home: Kushtia


- Id #: 2394


Jul 23, 2019 07:44 AM

-Last logIn:

Jun 04, 2023 12:50 AM

- Care of: Md. Abdul Bari

- Background:

- Qualification: Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering at "Islamic University"

- Date of birth:

Tuition fee:

Salary: 7000 tk/month [BDT]


I am Tarikul Islam.I have completed my post graduation from Islamic University in Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering.I have more than 7 years experience as house tutor.I am reliable and honest.

I have experience in tutoring profession about More than four years

Subject Skill


S.S.C. / O level
Passing year:

Panti Secondary School

Group: Science
Background: English(medium)
Result: GPA-5.00
H.S.C. / A level
Passing year:

Kushtia Government College

Group: Science
Background: English(medium)
Result: HSC
Passing year:

Islamic University

Subject: Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Background: Version
Result: 3.67
Present status




Major group:

Level of experience:

More than four years

Current status for tuition:


Preferred tutoring platform:

Private Tuition / Online

Preferred medium for teaching:

Extra facilities:

Phone Help, Hands Note

Place of Tuition:

Batch + Home Teaching



Maritial status:


Blood group:

Available days:

Teaching schedule:

- Preferred class:

class 2, class 3, class 4, class 5, class 6, class 7, class 8, class 9, inter, std 1, std 2, std 3, std 4, std 5, std 6, std 7, std 8, olvl, alvl, .

- Subject proficiency:

math, math-b, higher-math, additional-math, general-science, chemistry, organic-chemistry, biochemistry, biology, botany, zoology, ict, computer, computer, computer-science, ielts, .

- Area coverage:


- Tutoring:

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